EP 160: The Uncanny Tax-Men

Dennis and Patrick delve into their Economic textbooks and attempt to explain the American tax system, Modern Monetary Theory, The Two Santa System, school district funding, student loan crisis and why deficits never mattered.

MMT Again

Modern Monetary Theory Explained

The Deficit Doesn’t Matter

Two Santa Clauses or How The Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years

Cardi B: Here’s where your tax money is going

Why America’s Schools Have A Money Problem

Property Tax System is Killing American Public Schools

How Tax Breaks Help the Rich

Seattle Corporate Tax Fight

Has Student Loan Debt Reached A Crisis Point?

EP 140: Modern Secession Scenarios

Dennis and Patrick ponder how modern American succession of states and cities work?How would it work in a federal republic?  Would Vermont become a free state?  Would we three Californias?  An Independent Texas?  A northern and southern New York State?  The Upper Peninsula freehold of “Superior” or even the mighty city-state of  Las Vegas?

Lots of notes below.


Seasteading: tech leaders’ plans for floating city trouble French Polynesians

Splinterlands (Dispatch Books)

CalExit in trouble: Leader of California secession movement resigns, applies for Russian citizenship

What Would Actually Happen if California Seceded from the US?


Secession: How Vermont and All the Other States Can Save Themselves from the Empire

How Is America Going To End?

So you want to secede from the U.S.: A four-step guide

EP 139: Sports Alt History

Dennis and Patrick look at three different points of divergence and look at the political, social, and economic fallout if things changed very slightly on the hardwood, boxing ring, and baseball diamond.


1:  Joe Louis Loses Rematch

2. Bad Boys Redeemed

3.  No MLB baseball strike  in 1994


Legacy of Joe Louis

Bad Boys and Good Times

The Louis-Schmelling Paradox and the League Standing Effect Reconsidered

WHAT IF … MLB avoided the strike?

Champion of the World


EP 133: Fixing College Football

Dennis and Patrick radically change the NCAA football conferences, create a workable playoff system, and eliminate amateur college football saving higher education tens of billions, all in under 90 minutes.

Show Notes

College Football’s Top Teams Are Built on Crippling Debt

A March Madness Style NCAA

What if College Football Left NCAA?

Future of Football

The New Ivy

Addicted to Quack realignment

Moves that need to happen

Which college football teams get the most out of their revenue? Let’s look at a chart!

A Most Radical Alignment

EP 132: Constitutional Crisis The Board Game


Patrick and Dennis play a tabletop game all about America’s whacky and wild current constitutional crisis.

Rules of the game are as follows.

The player must make it around the board five times.  After each turn, the player must defeat a mini boss by  Player must roll one dice to move.

Each Player must choose a character class.  Each class has different strengths, powers, and weaknesses.

Each Player has a fatalism bar of 25 points.  The player that makes it to the end of the game with the most positive outlook on functioning representative democracy wins the game.

The board has five different question types

1. Economic Anxiety Flu

2.  Fake News

3. Liberal Semantics

4. Party over country Always!

5. Nihilistic Fascist Trumpism

 Thinks become muddled quickly

If a player lands on one of the following they must defeat the card by rolling two dice. They can lose a point and they gain a point

Twitter Trump Archive


Trump Tweet wars

Majority Report with Sam Seder

Rick Wilson Daily Beast and Rick Wilson on Twitter

Project Archivist

The 4th Line Podcast

EP 129: No Roe V Wade

Dennis throws out a landmine and we theorize about how the social and political landscape of America could change in which abortion is still federally outlawed.  Would it have made partisan politics less divisive?  Would it have neutralized the power of Moral Majority?   What would happen to Reaganites or Third Wayers? Would the Silent Majority have brought the GOP “win at all costs mentality” no matter the outcome?


Katha Pollitt’s ‘Pro: Taking Back the RightKatha Pollitt’s ‘Pro: Taking Back the Right

Abortion and crime: who should you believe?

Unsafe Abortion: Global and Regional Incidence, Trends, Consequences, and Challenges

Get Me Roger Stone


EP 123: Alternate Presidental Elections

Patrick and Dennis pick four different what if election years and play our different scenarios until one or both of their minds explode.  Also a Season 5 quiz showdown goes to the wire and may change the format of the warm-up quiz forever!

Sceinro 1: Henry Clay President as Prez in 1832 and 1844

Scenario 2:  An even wilder 1912 Election 

Scenario 3: John Glenn wins a Senate seat in 1964 and runs for Prez in 1980?

Scenario 4: Gary Hart has no Monkey Bussiness and wins 1988

Scenario 5:  Al Gore Again…..


What if Henry Clay Had Won in 1844?

Henry Clay: America’s Greatest Statesmen

Teddy Wins 

John Glenn for Senate in 1964 and Beyond!

What If Wednesday: President Gary Hart