EP 156: Very Online Problems

Patrick is joined by guest host Hinton to have a wide-ranging conversation about the areas in which internet subculture bleed into American political culture.


Timeline of Gamergate

Comicsgate Is Gamergate’s Next Horrible Evolution

Gamergate vs. Trump

What the Alt-Right Learned from the Left

Worst of Reddit

Reddit Bans ‘Incel’ Group for Inciting Violence Against Women

Exclusive: Reddit Says It’s Cooperating With Russia Investigations. They’ve Handed Over Zero Documents.

EP 146: Antitrust of Silicon Valley

This week we use the Al Franken speech at the Open Markets Institute sponsored the event as a screed against Big Tech, Bots, and monopolies.  Some debate ensues about the Fairness Doctrine and “citizen journalists”.    There is more debate about how to regulate Algrurytms from Google, Facebook,  We end as always on a pessimistic note about a toothless FEC and the lust for antitrust in America.

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Notes for this week

Open Markets

Open Secrets

Sunlight Foundation

‘Citizen Journalism’ Is a Catastrophe Right Now, and It’ll Only Get Worse

If Zuckerberg Were President

How to Buy Online Trolls and Influence People

Russia Loves Twitter

Transparency in Tech

AL Franken Speech

Data Dealers


EP 145: They Live

Patrick invites guest host Cassidy Robinson from Jabber and the Drone, on the podcast to discuss the John Carpenter cult classic They Live.  We look at the film from its’ original Reaganomics and consumerist critique to its evolution as a Shepard Fairey skateboarding meme.  We also take a look at the battle to save the iconography and thesis of the film from being co-opted by Neo-Nazi groups online.  And wrap things up with discussing John Carpenter the Auteur

They Live Trailer

Why ‘They Live’ Is a Subversive 1980s Masterpiece – Rolling Stone

Why Do Internet Nazis Think ’80s Cult Classic They Live Is an Anti-Jewish Conspiracy?


Against the Fascist Creep

John Carpenter music

EP 142: Theologians of Senior Lit

We play L. Ron Hubbard and take anchor text of literature from our classroom and turn it into a doctrine of a new religion.

Patrick uses John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men melds Pre Vatican II Catholicism and Marxism to create a small animal worshipping and atonement cult.   

Dennis takes his favorite work The Great Gatsby and constructs a Neo Midwestern Protestantism that rejects avarice and values confessional secret keeping?.  


Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men Cliff Notes

A Marxist Perspective Of Mice and Men

Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby Cliff Notes

Biblical Allusions in Great Gatsby

Is the Protestant Work Ethic Real?

EP 140: Modern Secession Scenarios

Dennis and Patrick ponder how modern American succession of states and cities work?How would it work in a federal republic?  Would Vermont become a free state?  Would we three Californias?  An Independent Texas?  A northern and southern New York State?  The Upper Peninsula freehold of “Superior” or even the mighty city-state of  Las Vegas?

Lots of notes below.


Seasteading: tech leaders’ plans for floating city trouble French Polynesians

Splinterlands (Dispatch Books)

CalExit in trouble: Leader of California secession movement resigns, applies for Russian citizenship

What Would Actually Happen if California Seceded from the US?


Secession: How Vermont and All the Other States Can Save Themselves from the Empire

How Is America Going To End?

So you want to secede from the U.S.: A four-step guide

EP 135: Teaching 1984 in 2017

This week Dennis and Patrick explore how they teach 1984.  Is it a true literary work of fiction or is it a science fiction masking a philosophical treatise?   How well does French existentialism marry with Orwellian thought?  How does one teach 1984 under the era of Trumpism?

Anti-Semite and Jew

1984 Explainer

Teaching 1984 Lesson Plans

A Complete Reading of George Orwell’s 1984: Aired on Pacifica Radio, 1975

Teaching 1984 in 2016

EP 133: Fixing College Football

Dennis and Patrick radically change the NCAA football conferences, create a workable playoff system, and eliminate amateur college football saving higher education tens of billions, all in under 90 minutes.

Show Notes

College Football’s Top Teams Are Built on Crippling Debt

A March Madness Style NCAA

What if College Football Left NCAA?

Future of Football

The New Ivy

Addicted to Quack realignment

Moves that need to happen

Which college football teams get the most out of their revenue? Let’s look at a chart!

A Most Radical Alignment