EP 157: Ready Player One

Patrick is joined by guest host and fellow teacher, Jesse Kiefer from @jessekiefer  the Grawlix Podcast to discuss the concepts in Ernest Cline’s book Ready Player One.  We discuss the themes of pop culture overdosing, the future of education, and the inherent dangers of big tech.  

It is All Elseworlds

Why are we trying to create Ready Player One’s terrifying, nostalgia-fueled dystopia?

Ready Player One: Ernest Cline on how his gamer fantasy became a Spielberg film

Ready Player One’ is a terrible book and it will be a terrible movie

Why won’t 541,000 young Japanese leave the house?

Study: Virtual schools tend to attract and harm lowest-performing students

Laptops And Phones In The Classroom: Yea, Nay Or A Third Way?

EP 155: Nixons

Alternate takes on Richard M Nixon mania takes hold when we dig down into different scenarios in which “Tricky Dick” is triumphant or king mutant of the radioactive slag pile. Could he win in 1960? Been convicted on national television? Started a major international conflict in the Middle East?

1. What if Nixon won in 1960

Nixon Wins 1960

Alternate Nixon’s Part 1

2. A Third-Rate Burglary: No Watergate

Slow Burn Podcast

No Watergate Timeline

3.  Yom Kippur War

Nixon Drunk During Yom Kippur War

Nuclear Yom Kippur War

CIA Declassified files on Nixon Arab Israeli War

Nuclear War while Nixon Slumbered

4. Nixon On Trial 

Watergate Counterfactual

America in Revolt During the 1960s and 1970s

EP 120: Non Podesta Emails

Patrick and Dennis empty out the email bag and hold court on various topics.

Topics included are…

Batman of the 1800’s

Protests at Berkley and Free Speech

Betsy Devos ughh

Free speech in high school classroom

The Progressive swing in Democratic Party

Open letters about fan art

EP 117: Putin and Doctor Doom

Patrick goes solo and plays real life supervillains comparing  Vladimir Putin to one Victor Von Doom of Latveria.  It is not an A for A comparison but the two rulers share many qualities including, arcane mysticism, technological mastery of espionage and the undying love of their respective people.

Show Notes

Doom Links

Doom War

Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph & Torment

Secret Wars

Books of Doom

Putin Links

How the 1980s Explains Vladimir Putin

In Expanding Russian Influence, Faith Combines With Firepower

FULL: Vladimir Putin Annual Press Conference (12/23/2016) ORIGINAL

Freedom House Russia

Russia’s presidential election results by province: mapped and listed

The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

Invasion of the troll armies: from Russian Trump supporters to Turkish state stooges

Why Vladimir Putin’s People Love Him

How to understand Putin’s jaw-droppingly high approval ratings


Dissecting Worlds Podcast

War is Boring
The War College Podcast


EP 81: The Politics of Superheroes


The duo choose 10 superheroes and try to figure out their religious and political affiliations.  Is Batman a libertarian?  Spider-Man a nice Jewish boy from Queens?  What makes Superman an FDR era Democrat? Would the Punisher vote Trump?

EP 66: Smedley Butler & Captain America


Patrick goes solo and tells the tale of General Smedley Butler, the marine who went from super solider to outspoken critic of the military industrial complex.  From his roots as a son of Quakers to the man that exposed the plot to overthrow FDR.  Things are wrapped up with a love letter to Captain America.

War Is Racket Link

EP 64: Star Wars Survey Class

Patrick invites Rod from the Listening Party Podcast to discuss Star Wars, What is like to watch Star Wars for the first time and not speak a bit of English?  Why is the Empire so appealing?  Does it matter that the Expanded Universe is no longer in canon?   All of these are sorta answered… Star Wars.