EP: 21 Literature VS Genre



The Boys stack up their book shelves in a contest of your books are bigger and better than mine in a show in which they create lists of the best works of prose in all of human history.  Along the way they stack up ten examples of what they feel exemplifies and defines literature. Debate over genre and author intent follows Dennis rants about Mark Twain. Great Gatsby, Calvin n Hobbes, Frank Miller, surrealism, and science fiction find their way into the mix as well


EP 20: History Repeats or Rhymes



Dennis and Patrick examine the Gilded Age and Progressive Era compared to Modern History and discuss viewing history as a series of chronic aMark_Twain,_Brady-Handy_photo_portrait,_Feb_7,_1871,_croppedalignments and Cold War treatments..

Further Reading

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EP 19: Fix American Education?


Dennis and Patrick find a magic lamp and the most boring genie grants them three wishes to change the American Educational system with no financial or political constraints.  Jackson Pollock, Finland, and at risk teens all appear.

Each host can only make three changes to the system and must defend their rationale to the other.

EP 18: Is Ignorance Bliss?


Dennis thinks science ruins the wonders of nature and human thought.  Patrick is horrified and counters his insane thesis using Newtonian Physics and Stylistics.  

Thinks devolve into a mixture of conceptual physics, Iroquois creation myths, Disney, NFL, Brian wilson, The Watchmen, Myths, 1930 Serials, Shackleton and head injuries which all appear.

Iroquois Turtle creation mythmyth-1-21

EP 17: Real Life Super Villains Vol 2


Patrick opens a Halloweenish show with his personal horror stories doing battle with Bedbugs and Fishflies.  Then the duo match up fictional? chJim_Jones_in_front_of_the_International_Hotelcharacters to their real life counterparts.

Dennis: Elizabeth Proctor (The Crucible) = Women? Puritans? Witches? It is all very confusing

Patrick: Jim Jones = Holy Wayne (The Leftovers)

Link to creepy Jim Jones Death Tape

EP 16: Magic Bird Waco Musical




Patrick and Dennis take a random odd tale from contemporary history and craft a broadway musical.  They must cast the music, stars, concept, and act structure.

Dennis – The Siege at Waco with a grunge inspired soundtrack

Patrick – Magic VS Bird with a Queen and N.W.A mashup


EP 15: Food and Identity



Patrick suffers from Baader-Meinhof phenomenon and thinks he can explain religion, commerce, romance, culture, and identity through the lense of food and what kinds of food people eat. Dennis addresses how insane this sounds and is slowly converted to Patrick’s thinking.   School boards, Marco Polo, Oatmeal, and Lent also appear.