EP 155: Nixons

Alternate takes on Richard M Nixon mania takes hold when we dig down into different scenarios in which “Tricky Dick” is triumphant or king mutant of the radioactive slag pile. Could he win in 1960? Been convicted on national television? Started a major international conflict in the Middle East?

1. What if Nixon won in 1960

Nixon Wins 1960

Alternate Nixon’s Part 1

2. A Third-Rate Burglary: No Watergate

Slow Burn Podcast

No Watergate Timeline

3.  Yom Kippur War

Nixon Drunk During Yom Kippur War

Nuclear Yom Kippur War

CIA Declassified files on Nixon Arab Israeli War

Nuclear War while Nixon Slumbered

4. Nixon On Trial 

Watergate Counterfactual

America in Revolt During the 1960s and 1970s

EP 136: Email Envy

Patrick and Dennis read emails from listeners.  Topics range from Kid Rock 2020, complaining about Bernie and Hillary, Alternative History of Huey Long and Knife Fights.  O and we even talk NCAA realignment.  


Here’s leaked audio of Warren Mayor Jim Fouts allegedly saying n-word, c-word

Long before Trump: The Unsettling Popularity of Huey Long

Who Would Win An American Presidential Knife Fight? (HBO)