EP 173: The Zine Scene

Patrick has guest host “Professor”, Winston Conrad join this week to discuss Zines. We discuss the Fan-zine and how during the 1970’s it transformed into a zine thanks to the photocopy machine becoming widely available.  We also discuss how American culture is zine culture.  But what the hell is a zine?

Winston has his own zine The Adventures of the Moss Babies a Path Finder Fanzine.  It is based on the tabletop game system Pathfinder which may be an open source zine as well?  So does this make it a zine of a zine?

We delve into the confusing and odd history of the Church of the Subgenius as a zine, along with the the creation of fanzines by science fiction nerds and comic book fans.  Things turn to the speculative and we imagine a world in which comic books and zines do not exist and the default bit of mass consumption become the pulp.

Near the end things we swing into a darker direction with the examination of modern conspiracy culture and how the worst zine of all the Protocols of the Elders of ZIon is a really ruined the modern era.  But we turn things around to the positive with a discussion on the radical feminism that Riot Grrrl zines of the late 80’s and early 90’s ushered along.  
Please check Winston out here and his zine physically here and digitally here

Music this week from Boner – The Fourth Wave and Ragnoutaz- Boycheerleader

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