EP 172: Free Market Skool

This week we discuss a version of America that gives into the “free markets” all public schools to become privatized.  What we do is explore an alternate history of America without public schools post 1983.

We first deep into the history of America’s public school system, starting with the era of the first common schools in Massachusetts.  The how Horace Mann adopted the Prussian model of education for primary schools to create better soldiers and workers for then burgeoning industrial era.  We wrap the history talk up with father of our modern educational system, progressive philosopher John Dewey and his laboratory schools of the early 20th century.    

We then create an alternate history around the infamous Ronald Reagan report from  “A Nation at Risk”  which brought forth a volley of school reforms movements and grifters.  This document creates the modern charter school movement, the defunding of public education and the voucher system. In our Alternate History 35 years of public school privatization creates massive income inequality gap and walled off cities with private schools at their heart.  We see a massive flood of education migrants from rural America and a deepened polarization among states. Very Mad Max times…
Then we go off the rails and complain about “free markets”, and neoliberal talking points so deeply in our nation’s DNA that they even infect Bernie Sanders and his weak response to being a millionaire.  All our takes are good.

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