EP 170: The 68 State Senate

This week we play around with abolishing the senate, adding 5-25 new states to the union, and debate if senate the majority leader is the most powerful person in America.  

Patrick claims that the US senate is undemocratic.  Dennis counters with the historical defense of the senate and how the progressive era gave us the 17th amendment.   Patrick wants to just abolish the senate or at least end the filibuster and cloture. 

Things become shouty.

Patrick then proposes adding more states to the union.  

    • Adding D.C. as a State
    • Adding Puerto Rico as a State
    • Splitting Texas into Five States
    • Splitting California into Seven States
    • Splitting Florida into a North and South
    • Splitting New York State into two
    • Combining The Dakotas
    • Creating the State of Superior


Divide and Conquer

We could split California into three states . . . or we could split it into seven

It’s Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics

Democrats should quit whining about the Senate and start trying to win it back

The Case for Abolishing the Senate

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