EP 169: The Ronald Reagan Show


This week we examine five counterfactual 1980’s scenarios generated from various events branching loosely from the Reagan Administration or Era.  We are “shocked” by how much 1980’s America mirror 2010’s America.

  1. “ President Ted Kennedy”: Kennedy upsets Carter in the Primary Beats Reagan in the General.
  2. “World War 83”:  The Euromissiles and Able Archer exercise turn the Cold War hot in central Europe.
  3. “Bluff Called”:  The Air Traffic Controller Strike of 1981 awakens worker solidarity
  4. “Reagan Assassination”: Eight Years of Bush Sr.  
  5. “Iran Contra Impeachment”:  What if the Gip or Bush got Impeached?  

Intro Song: Trump Talkin’ Nukes by Tim Heidecker

Background Notes

When Reagan Cut and Run

How Ted Kennedy’s ’80 Challenge To President Carter ‘Broke The Democratic Party The Cost of Defying the President

The Week the World Almost Ended

Why the Russia Investigation Could Be More Like Iran-Contra Than Watergate

Alternate History Books on the Topics

Team Yankee

Red Army

Then Everything Changed: Stunning Alternate Histories of American Politics


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