EP 149: Alternate 1914 Christmas Truce

Patrick goes solo to ponder a more uplifting Alternate History topic.  On Dec 25th, 1914 after seven horrific months of fighting during the first World War German and British Soldiers played soccer and exchanged gifts during a brief truce.  What if things went differently?

  • What if Jean Jaures had not been assassinated and could have stayed a voice of dissent in France?
  • What if the New York Times ran the story the day after the revolt?  Instead over a week later?
  • What if leadership was slow to respond to protests at home and Op-Ed columns ran?
  • What if Wilson took advantage of the situation and have pressured matters from America?
  • What would happen to Alsace Lorraine?
  • Would things change on the Eastern Front?


Great Timeline and Story on subject

The Other Assassination that Started World War 1

The Seven Months War of 1914

Silent Night: The Story of the World War I Christmas Truce of 1914

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