EP 132: Constitutional Crisis The Board Game


Patrick and Dennis play a tabletop game all about America’s whacky and wild current constitutional crisis.

Rules of the game are as follows.

The player must make it around the board five times.  After each turn, the player must defeat a mini boss by  Player must roll one dice to move.

Each Player must choose a character class.  Each class has different strengths, powers, and weaknesses.

Each Player has a fatalism bar of 25 points.  The player that makes it to the end of the game with the most positive outlook on functioning representative democracy wins the game.

The board has five different question types

1. Economic Anxiety Flu

2.  Fake News

3. Liberal Semantics

4. Party over country Always!

5. Nihilistic Fascist Trumpism

 Thinks become muddled quickly

If a player lands on one of the following they must defeat the card by rolling two dice. They can lose a point and they gain a point

Twitter Trump Archive


Trump Tweet wars

Majority Report with Sam Seder

Rick Wilson Daily Beast and Rick Wilson on Twitter

Project Archivist

The 4th Line Podcast

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