EP 125: Alternate History of The Drug War

Patrick and Dennis ponder different scenarios what the Western Hemisphere would look like without a “War on Drugs”.    What if Reagan decided to use conventional forces?  What if America just didn’t enforce laws?   What if Pablo  Escobar was president?

Different scenarios presented.

  1.  What if the Andes nations decided not to enforce their end of the war?
  2.   What if Reagan or Bush sent in the Marines?
  3.  What if America never declared a war?  Or ignored the problem?
  4. What if Pablo becomes president in Colombia?

Links this week.


Killing Pablo

What if the Drug War Never Occurred?

Sending the Mexican Army to Fight the Drug War

Shooting Up: Counterinsurgency and the War on Drugs

America Shouldn’t Go to War Over Drugs.

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