EP 123: Alternate Presidental Elections

Patrick and Dennis pick four different what if election years and play our different scenarios until one or both of their minds explode.  Also a Season 5 quiz showdown goes to the wire and may change the format of the warm-up quiz forever!

Sceinro 1: Henry Clay President as Prez in 1832 and 1844

Scenario 2:  An even wilder 1912 Election 

Scenario 3: John Glenn wins a Senate seat in 1964 and runs for Prez in 1980?

Scenario 4: Gary Hart has no Monkey Bussiness and wins 1988

Scenario 5:  Al Gore Again…..


What if Henry Clay Had Won in 1844?

Henry Clay: America’s Greatest Statesmen

Teddy Wins 

John Glenn for Senate in 1964 and Beyond!

What If Wednesday: President Gary Hart

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