EP 122: What if a US-China War?

Dennis returns from a visit to China and wants to discuss what war with China would look like and how?  Three Scenarios.  North Korean Collapse, Trade War, and Full on Engagement.  

Patrick and Dennis also answer some emails about the DNC elections and jump on soapboxes and rant about the Progressive Wing of the Dems.

Podcast Links

Dead Prussian Podcast.    Great show about war theory and history

War College Podcast.  About well modern war

Show Notes

China’s Response to Collapse in North Korea


Winners and losers in a China-America trade war

Steve Bannon War in South China Sea

China’s ‘Little Blue Men’ Prepare for Hybrid Warfare

Trump Is Risking War With China

China’s Aircraft Carriers on the Cheap


Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War

The Powerhouse: America, China, and the Great Battery War


  1. I almost thought the island in the photo was Diego Garcia. Lived there for two years. Almost thought I was cool enough for the podcast.


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