EP 12: Alternate History Lesson



Change a date, person, time, or event in the timeline and you get an Alternative History or Counterfactual.  Patrick wants to know what a world in which the  USSR invades Japan during World War 2 would mean for the Cold War and the fate of an occupied Japan.

Dennis wants to play out a game of what if? Surrounding a world in which  Al Gore Wins 2000 Election.  How would a Gore Presidency respond to the events of 9\11?  Would the Iraq War never occur?

Further reading for Patrick’s selection

Comic book mini series Storming Paradisegore101213_2006_560

Operation Downfall via Wikipedia

MacArthur’s War: A Novel of the Invasion of Japan

Further reading for Dennis’ selection.

If Gore Had One…. via the LA Times

Memories of the Gore Administration via NY Magazine



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